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Computer Architecture Department, Málaga University
Escuela Politécnica Superior, 2.008.L-II
+34 951 952598
agutierreza  [at] uma.es
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About me

I am a PhD student since 2014 at the department of Computer Architecture at the University of Málaga. I am supervised by Dra. Gloria Ortega and Dr. Eligius M.T Hendrix.

My research focuses on dynamic optimization problems, the design of ad-hoc algorithms developed for them and use of high performance computing (HPC) techniques to speed up algorithms. I have been working on inventory control problems and currently on the design of mathematical models for Decision Support Systems for the use of vessels for maintenance and operations at Offshore Wind Farms (OWF). For more information go to the Publications tab.

I hold an MSc in Mathematics and an MSc in Computer Science. My thesis for my Mathematics MSc addressed graph theory, focusing on inversivility in path algebras. My thesis in Computer Science dealt with Procedural Content Generation using population based algorithms. A game based on a simulation of the n-body problem was developed to test it.